DIY Camera Strap

My Canon camera strap just wasn’t cutting it. Using this colorful scarf for a camera  strap adds a unique personal look to your camera!


Items you will need: Scarf, Leather, Lanyard Hooks, Hoops and E6000 Glue

To start, cut your scarf to the length you want your strap to be. Then fold in half twice.(I would recommend using a rectangular scarf) Then, scrunch the bottom of each side of the scarf and sew through the middle to make it stay.


IMG_0604 Next, cut the leather into the shape of the stencil. I used the existing shape on the strap that came with the camera and traced it onto paper and used that as the stencil. Put the hoop and lanyard hook together and put it on the leather pieces.

IMG_0593 IMG_0597

Using the E6000 glue put the leather on the scarf. Make sure to hold the leather in place while it dries. And you’re done!

IMG_0609IMG_0618 IMG_0621 IMG_0647

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