DIY Jewelry Display Box

This Jewelry Display Box is super easy and cost just under 15 dollars and takes under 5 minutes! You can see all your jewelry displayed out right in front of you.

Items you will need: Shadow box (mines from Michaels and has a magnetic closing), hooks, 2 pieces of foam board, and E6000 glue


First, take one piece of the foam board that fits inside the shadow box and measure out where you want the hooks. Push the hooks into the foam board.


Then, using the second foam board, press it into the 1st piece of foam board with E6000 in the middle. This makes it so the ends of the hooks aren’t poking out. Then put this into your shadow box and hang it on your wall. I used command strips. Your Done!

IMG_0695 IMG_0700 IMG_0706 IMG_0711 IMG_0714

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