DIY Lined Zipper Pouch


What you will need: Fabric, Matching thread and a 9 inch zipper


  1. Cut your fabric the size of your zipperIMG_33902. Lay down the lining fabric, right side up. Line up the zipper to the top edge of the lining fabric. Next lay the outside fabric, right side down on top of the zipper. Make sure all the top edges are lined up and sew. Do this again to the other side of the zipper with the remaining fabric.

333PicMonkey Collage3.This is what it should look like when step 2 is complete



4.Put the lining fabric together on one side and the outside fabric on the other. Sew the edges leaving a hole to fit your hand in the lining fabric .Before you sew make sure you unzip the zipper, this is very importantjjkjkj

5.Through the hole in the lining fabric turn the pouch inside out. Sew the hole shut. Then put the lining fabric in the outside fabric and your doneIMG_3409 IMG_3421

IMG_3429 IMG_3426

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