DIY Knit Pencil Skirt

Another sewing DIY! This skirt is super easy and is fitted specifically to you. Sewing this skirt takes about 10 minutes. I hope you enjoy!



Things you will need: 1 yard of Knit Fabric, matching thread, elastic and a sewing machine


To begin you will need to cut a rectangle out of your fabric. The width should be your waist measurement plus 2 to 3 inches divided by 2. Your length should be the measurement from your waste to where you want your skirt to hit.


Next, measure in an inch from the top and six inches down and draw a diagonal line.Do this on all four sides and cut(do this with your fabric right sides together). This will make it so the skirt hugs your waist and comes in at the knees


With your fabric right sides together, sew along the sides with a zigzag stich. A zigzag stich will allow the thread to stretch, if you were to use a regular stich it would break once you put the skirt on.

IMG_3603 IMG_3604

Then use around a yard of elastic and sew it onto your waste line. Stretch only the elastic when you sew it onto the fabric. Once you have sewed around the waist and cut of the excess.


Fold over the elastic and sew again. The last step is to sew your hem and you are done!



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